Tree Services in Alpharetta, GA

24/7 Emergency Service, Tree Removal and Trimming Available

Nestled between the bustling urban hub of Atlanta and the picturesque North Georgia Mountains, Alpharetta is a city that takes its relationship with nature to heart.

With over 775 acres of green space, eight parks, and four arboretums, Alpharetta is a perfect location to get some fresh air. Living or working in Windward, Andover North, or Alpha Park, one gets used to tending to trees. You basically can’t operate there without it. Prime Arbor Tree Specialists is here to make sure your home and your neighbor’s home is safe from fallen trees and dangerous limbs.

  • Do you have an emergency and need help removing a fallen tree right away?
  • Has your neighbor sent you a letter alerting you to a dead tree on your property that could fall on their home?
  • Do you have a dying tree on your property and you would like a quote to have it removed?

Prime Arbor Tree Specialists is ready and able to help take care of these issues and more.

Experienced Tree Care Experts

When you’re looking for a tree service in Alpharetta, you need to know that they’re prepared to do the job. Our team has 50+ years of tree care experience in the Alpharetta area.

We know the lay of the land and we know how to take care of your issues. We’re licensed and insured, so there are no worries about having us on your property.

We’re ready to take care of you. Call Prime Arbor Tree Specialists now. It will be the last call you’ll need to make.

Tree Services in Alpharetta


24/7 Emergency Tree Services

Prime Arbor Tree Specialists is ready to assist you when an emergency is at hand. When time is of the essence and you can’t lose precious seconds wondering what the right choice is, Prime Arbor Tree Specialists has your back.

Tree Removal Atlanta

Tree Removal

Whether there’s a root system threatening the foundation of your home or you get a note from a neighbor about a dying tree on your property that’s giving them concern, Prime Arbor Tree Specialists can get rid of any tree that is an issue.

Pruning shears

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Are you constantly worried about your overhanging limbs? Are your dead branches and leaves a total eyesore? Prime Arbor Tree Specialists has the equipment necessary to deal with trimming your trees and keeping them safe and stunning.

Stump Grinding Atlanta Tree Service

Stump Grinding

Don’t let an unsightly stump get in the way of a new garden, a fence installation, or even just a tripping hazard you’re tired of having to avoid. Prime Arbor Tree Specialists can remove stumps in all types of terrain and we won’t stop until the outcome is perfect.

We’re on call 24/7 for you.

Call Prime Arbor Tree Specialists.

4 Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Tree Issues

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How can we help you?

We’re available 24/7 to take care of your tree emergency, tree removal, or any other tree-related issue. Call (470) 805-3220 or text (470) 805-3220 us for the fastest service. You can also fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll call you back.

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From our conversation

From our conversation, we’ll have a good idea of what needs to be done and we’ll make an appointment for your free, no obligation on-site estimate. In emergency situations, we’ll let you know when we can arrive at your home.

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Tree Specialists

Our tree specialist will let you know when they have arrived at your home, will begin to walk your property, and assess what needs to be done with your trees.

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When to Expect A Quote

You can expect a quote within 24 hours for non-emergency tree work and on-the-spot in emergency situations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Services in Alpharetta

You aren’t able to just go out into your backyard and start cutting away at any tree you like. A permit is required to remove living trees 3 feet or over. A permit is also required if removing six or more trees from a property. Your permit must be displayed during removal. Commercial property (including churches) have special ordinances.

The folks at Prime Arbor Tree Specialists are happy to help you with any questions you may have about permits and how to obtain them, if necessary.

You can try, but we wouldn’t advise it. There are danger issues), property damage issues, and quality of life issues. You’d be operating high off the ground with potentially inadequately maintained tools. You could do serious damage to a healthy tree by cutting in the wrong place, in the wrong way. Leave it to the experts and give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

There are a lot of variables to determine that. Heigh, diameter, and condition of the tree all come into play. It could range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple thousand. We’re not willing to be inaccurate, which is why we always insist on the free, in-person consultation. Let us get a look at your tree and we’ll set your mind at ease.

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Alpharetta’s Best Tree Services Company

When you need someone to take care of your Alpharetta tree issues, there is no better choice than Prime Arbor Tree Specialists. We’re licensed and insured and are ready to take care of your Alpharetta tree issues.

With over 50 years of experience in the Alpharetta area, we know what problems you’re likely to run into and we know how to take care of them before there’s a bigger issue for you, your family, and your home.

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