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When to Cut Down a Tree in Atlanta

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The tree removal process can be a large one. You’re dealing with changing the face of your yard. The right tree can have memories attached to it that stretch generations.

However, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary for the value of your property and for the health of the other trees in your yard. At Prime Arbor Tree Specialists, we know you want to make sure all your bases are covered. Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering making the move to cut down a tree.

How is the Health of the Tree?

If you’re concerned your tree is dead or dying, you need to get a qualified technician or certified arborist to check it out immediately. A dead tree might not seem like an issue, but it’s a hazard to everything around it and needs to come down.

Even if a tree isn’t dying, there are still health issues to consider. Does it seem like it might be diseased? Look out for discoloration in the bark or leaves. Have you noticed a pest infestation? A woodpecker frequenting the tree could be a clue that your tree is hosting bugs.

Have you noticed fungi growing around the base of the tree or dead branches near the tops? If you have questions about your tree’s health, you should call Prime Arbor Tree Specialists so we can have a certified arborist diagnose your situation. If your tree has a disease, it’s possible you might just need a trimming or pruning to cut the disease off before it spreads.

Is the Tree Threatening to Cause Structural Damage?

When you’re worried about a tree doing damage to your property in Atlanta, you’re likely to start at the top. But the reality is some of the greatest concerns come from what’s underground.

The root system of fully grown trees can present a lot of problems to home or business owners in Atlanta. The roots can sometimes grow to the surface and lift walks or change drainage patterns. If they go deeper, they can pose a problem to your foundation or sewer system.

In these cases, it can be virtually impossible to take care of the problem without slicing through chunks of roots, which injures the tree. Oftentimes, removing the tree is a better proposition. Ultimately, if the tree seems like it might be on the verge of causing long-lasting damage to your home or business, you might be better off getting rid of it now before it becomes an emergency.

Is the Tree Serving Your Property?

The benefit of owning your home is that you have the opportunity to make it look exactly like you imagined. That includes the foliage around it.

Sometimes you might want to remove a tree to encourage the natural growth around your home. It may seem counterintuitive, but removing a tree can prove to be a boon for the environment around it by clearing space for more desirable vegetation to move in.

On the other hand, you might want to remove a tree just because it doesn’t fit into your plans. You have an image in your mind for what your landscape should look like. If a tree is in the way of the perfect spot for your new patio or deck, you don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of it. Why not plant a new tree nearby? Give yourself the pleasure of watching it grow while you sip a cold drink on that newly constructed patio.

When Removing a Tree, Trust the Experts.

The fact of the matter is that, sometimes, a tree that meant a lot to you has to go. When that happens, don’t try to DIY it. The process of cutting down a tree, removing the debris, and grinding the stump can be exhausting and expensive. You should trust someone who has the experience and specialized equipment necessary to make cutting down your tree a breeze.

After you’ve made your decision, your first call should be to the folks at Prime Arbor Tree Specialists. They’ve got over 50 years combined experience in the Atlanta metro area and they’re ready to make sure your tree is taken care of safely and quickly.

A tree can mean so much to you and your family. But they can also be a constant worry, when they’re sick or dying. Call Prime Arbor Tree Specialists for a free, in-person consultation and set your mind at ease. Whether you’re in Atlanta or Cumming, Duluth or Lawrenceville, Peachtree Corners or Sandy Springs, we’re the team on your side.

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